Our Salad is made up of Baby Cos, gourmet tomato and red onion.

Beef Salami

A specially prepared salami with a mild chilli and pepper recipe. Served hot on the beef.

Edge Sauce

The Edge Sauce is a specially prepared recipe of premium ketchup, American mustard, pickles, spices and light seasoning. The acidity of this sauce is designed to perfectly compliment our Angus beef. It all comes together like a well balanced choir.

Crumbed Chicken Fillet

We coat our single portion skinless chicken breast fillet with a Japanese Panko crumb and a light lemon pepper seasoning. We deep fry the fillet in a canola oil blend for 4 minutes. Our chicken is high in protein and minerals such as phosphorus – essential for healthy teeth and bones.

American Mustard

We use a premium grade, mild American mustard with a slight spice and acidity to complement the protein.


Chook Salt

Sea Salt

Parmesan and Oregano