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Burger Edge values investing in our people.  At its core is a body of foundation franchisees that form the platform for long term growth and sustainable expansion.

Joining a franchise is a big step in any business career. Ensuring it’s the right fit for you is a major decision. Burger Edge has developed a brand, concept and system to satisfy the emerging demand for healthy, gourmet and value for money burgers, made fresh using only the best ingredients.

Deliberately designed to be a robust retail model, locations are selected on the basis of strong pedestrian traffic, complementary tenancy mix, local area demographics and the potential for future growth. Sites are designed and constructed on the basis of collated retail data and analysis of local demographics.

Where possible, a store is matched to the franchisees preferences such as a strong weekday trade or seasonal trends. The robustness of the retail model reduces the limitations of locations, and ensures Burger Edge can grow across diverse retail opportunities, all the time essay writing service adding value to the existing franchisees’ investment with every new store opening.

What franchisees get with a Burger Edge Franchise:

  • Use of Burger Edge Intellectual Property, Systems, Brand and Marks.
  • Refined store operations and retail management experience.
  • Lease negotiations, experience and access to professionals for new leases and renewals.
  • Expert store design, layout, builds and equipment configuration.
  • Full training induction and ongoing support.
  • Advanced POS and sales reporting systems.
  • Industry leading VIP system and Apps.
  • Group buying benefits and preferential support from suppliers.
  • Emerging brand value and growing potential of brand appeal.

In return Burger Edge will match up a store location with a franchisee’s profile attributes. Whilst food or retail experience is not essential, enthusiasm and a can do approach to business is a must. Burger Edge prefers prospective franchisees with positive attitudes with some business experience or knowledge. A skill can be learned, an attitude cannot.

Steps towards your own Burger Edge Franchise:

  1. Site / Franchisee identified.
  2. Initial Meeting and introduction to Master franchisee/franchisor. No obligation discussion without official information exchanged.
  3. Application form completed and submitted by franchisee.
  4. Second interview with minutes and notes recorded.
  5. Reference checks and police checks.
  6. Third meeting, franchisor approval and plans for site resale / build prepared.
  7. Franchisee agrees to terms, prices and timeframes.
  8. Deposits paid into Burger Edge Franchising Trust Account.
  9. Finance approvals or site resale contract terms agreed.
  10. Solicitors instructed to draw up documents.
  11. Franchise docs and Disclosure documents issued.
  12. Agreements executed between parties.
  13. Franchisee submits business plan and structure.
  14. 50% deposit paid to commence build. Date set for handover of resale.
  15. Franchisee commences 4 week off site training.
  16. Preparation for opening franchisee store.
  17. Franchise training certified.
  18. Settlement of all payments.
  19. Open Franchisee store.
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